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September 2019 Newsletter

You might be one of those naturally slim people but knowing your true weight is not as simple as looking in the mirror or checking the numbers on your scales - you need to understand what your weight is made of.

Published : 2019-09-01

August 2019 Newsletter

Dementia is more feared than cancer, but at least one in three cases can be prevented if we prioritise looking after our brains when we're younger.

Published : 2019-08-01

July 2019 Newsletter

We rely on our eyes every minute of the day but sometimes we take them for granted. Here we find out how you can best protect one of your greatest assets.

Published : 2019-07-01

June 2019 Newsletter

We need the sun. Too much and we risk skin cancer, but too little and we can end up low in essential vitamin D.

Published : 2019-06-01

May 2019 Newsletter

Globally, the percentages of the adult population with an active headache disorder are 46 per cent for headache in general, 11 per cent for migraine. If you're in this percentage, it's time to find out how to ease the pain.

Published : 2019-05-01

April 2019 Newsletter

'Just in case.' 'As an insurance policy.' 'To cover nutrients I might be lacking'. More than 40 per cent of us use some type of supplement, with multivitamins among the most popular. Do they work or are they a waste of money?

Published : 2019-04-01

March 2019 Newsletter

Inflammation helps us heal when we're injured, so why is it linked to disease?

Published : 2019-03-01

February 2019 Newsletter

Over 30 per cent of all deaths each year are due to heart disease, claiming almost 18 million lives each year. But it doesn't have to be that way

Published : 2019-02-01

January 2019 Newsletter

We've all seen news images of people faces with severe adversity displaying astonishing resilience, with some appearing to cope, survive, even thrive, following a period of great trauma.

Published : 2019-01-01